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Are You Ready for Kindergarten Game Show by Lakeshore Learning

Disclaimer: I was given this game in exchange for a review and giveaway.  As always, our opinions are not influenced in any way. 


Three Words… BEST GAME EVER!!!!!  Lakeshore Learning sent us one of their “Are you ready for” series.. we chose the Kindergarten version.  My three year old played this game many times alone… which she did impressively amazing!  The first game, she got 4 out of 33 wrong!  Pretty awesome since shes 3 and the game is 4+ right?!  Well, we decided to have a playdate so she could play a game with her friend who is starting kindergarten in September… so both girls were dancing rainbows when we whipped out the game. 

PicMonkey Collage

The girls loved how they could choose their own cards.. Jeopardy style… from three categories, Math, Language and the big bad Challenge cards!  The host (myself or my friend Eileen) would read the questions and if they got the answers right, they got MONEY (obviously fake Lakeshore Learning money). To us, $1 is nothing.. to children, it’s a million… so imagine having piles of it!?  They were so excited every time they got an answer right.  They even helped each other out and gave each other the answers if they got stuck.  (Kids are kids.. there’s no way possible around cheating)  But it asked the most critical basic questions children need to learn in and before kindergarten.  

My mom is a kindergarten teacher, so when she played the first time with us she was impressed!  She said half the kids beginning kindergarten in her school don’t even know any of the answers… so just knowing that my kid is going to be a super smart genius in kindergarten.. yep. Thats me, the proud mom to be haha. She still has 3 years before she can get there.. so 3 years of studying this bad boy. BRILLIANT!  

Another great thing about Lakeshore Learning having these games is that it just isn’t for kindergarten… they have the “Are you ready for..” series from Kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade!  It’s an amazing way for the children to learn since they get the satisfaction of knowing they get it right… the money, and at the end they can cash in their money for a certificate.. which then you can let them choose a prize of their choice according to the amount of money that they earned.



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Shaws Matchups 4/25-5/1



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3 Day Sale (Friday 4/25 - Sunday 4/27)
BOGO Deals

Kroger South East Matchups 4/23-4/29


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Whole Foods NE Region 4/23-4/29


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Check your calendar! Miley Cyrus, Don Rickles, Jerry Seinfeld, Julio Iglesias and so many more shows are coming soon to Foxwoods Resort!


Our trip to Foxwoods seems like it was ages ago already. We had a blast. I really got to explore and see that Foxwoods is not just a casino, it is a resort. Fine restaurants, casinos, pools, spas, live entertainment and so much more. 

There are many fantastic shows coming to Foxwoods, a couple I’ve got my eye on too. Check them out and head there for a great time! As you can see there’s entertainment for everyone’s taste! 

Grand Theater

Bill Engvall – April 12

Don Omar – April 19

Miley Cyrus – April 25

Don Rickles- April 26

Julio Iglesias – May 2

Alice in Chains – May 10

Smokey Robinson – June 7

Jerry Seinfeld – July 26


Fox Theater

Dave Attell – April 4

TruTV Impractical Jokers Tour – May 10

Jo Koy – May 17

Jim Jefferies – July 12


jabra Mothers Day gift

Build A Bear Workshop Brings Fun & Smiles & Memories!

Build A Bear Love

Build A Bear Workshop brought lots of smiles and fun to my little niece, Leesie! Her mom and I smiled just as much as Leesie did. We watched her choose what outfit to pick for her pony and tried to sway her to our favorites, LOL!!! Well, Lessie is a little fashion diva and she knew exactly what she wanted. 

It’s been years since I’ve been into Build A Bear, as my kiddos have grown. I was thrilled when Build A Bear asked us to do a review with them and share our experience. 

There are plenty of animals to choose from; bunnies, bears, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and more….It’s sooooo hard to choose which one to take home. 

Build A Bear Collage

But, when you do, more fun is planned to bring your new animal home…. 

You get to stuff your animal. We had a bear assistant named Amanda who was so sweet, friendly and fun. If you have a shy child, Amanda will certainly get him/her smiling and laughing and all excited about their Build A Bear experience.

When you choose its heart, you’ll warm it up, add some extra love with kisses, make it strong, and fill your animal with happy thoughts. Stuff your animal with as much fluff as you want. I like my stuffed animals squishy. 

build a bear create

 After your new friend is stuffed you can fluff it up and brush it out. Then, the fun part is picking out all the clothes. Do you want a bathing suit? Do you want jammies and a bathrobe. There are so many lines of clothing. Star Wars stood out to me and Super Heros and Palace Pets too. It’s so fun picking and choosing. And when you’re all done, you hop on the computer to name your new friend. Leesie chose the Little Pony name Rarity and she kept the name, but you can name your animal anything you want. 

Build A Bear Outfits

We had such a fun morning, we were there for about 1 1/2 hours. Going on a weekday morning is a nice time to go, giving you plenty of time. We never felt like we were rushed. We had a perfect morning at Build A Bear Workshop. Leesie, her mom and myself would like to thanks Amanda and Build A Bear for helping us making such a fun memory. 

Build A Bear thank you

 Follow Build A Bear Workshop on Facebook  too. 


Frecklebox Review and Giveaway



When I received a personalized lunchbox for Lily, I was absolutely ecstatic.  It’s the perfect time of year for picnics, and I’m sure everyone can agree that a super cute lunchbox is SO much nicer than a paper bag!  I was impressed with how quickly Frecklebox had made and sent it out.  There are so many exciting products on their website it was extremely hard for me to choose just one!  My daughter absolutely loves the unicorn, and how her name is all over the box.. I love how it’s metal, and my favorite part is the chalkboard inside… when she starts kindergarten I’ll definitely be that crazy annoying mom who writes little ‘I love you, have a good day pookie pie’ notes.


You’ll be amazed at all the cute personalized things they have on the site.  I know when I was little I was so jealous of my brother since his name is common, so there was always those cute pencils and songs and jewelry that had his name.. but Chantelle isn’t a name that just shows up so now that things can be custom made and more and more children have unique names, it’s the perfect place to make them fit right in, and with designs they love.  They have everything from notebooks to growth charts to chore charts… anything you’re looking for.. they probably have it!  I wish they had this site when I was younger.. it’d look pretty funny if I carried around a unicorn lunch box with my name on it haha. 


Jabra Gives Us Hands Free Talking With The #JabraTour!

Jabra Tour

Extreme Coupon Professors received the Jarba Tour to review. We are not obligated to give you any information other than the truth. Jabra products are easy for us to recommend as our family can truly back up the great Jabra products we use in our home. You can find all their products by connecting to their Facebook page. 

I appreciate how easy Jabra Tour was to set up with the pairing mode to my phone. I didn’t even have to read the directions, I simply turned it on and it told me what to do. In 30 seconds my Jabra Tour Bluetooth Speaker was ready for talkin’! I’m not surprised how easy it was, as all their products have been set up so anyone can figure it out. 

Of course I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I called my friend while on the road using the voice activated command. The command worked on first try. I didn’t tell her I was on the speaker until a little later in our conversation. On my end her voice came in crisp and clear. I wanted to make sure it was the same for her, indeed it was. 

If you’ve never used a Bluetooth with your phone and you try one out, you’ll be like, “Wow, I’ve been missing out!” No more crook in your neck or arm going numb holding your phone to your ear so long, LOL! That’s the comfort end of it, there’s also the convenience end of it. How many moms, need to reach back in the car to get their baby their pacifier, or pick up the toy. I’ve done it and I’ve seen it driving by cars. Moms who have no hands on the wheel and are driving with their knee. Oh, boy, an accident waiting to happen!!!! That of course brings me to safety. It’s safer to have eyes on the road and hands on the wheel and Jabra Tour Speaker allows you to do that! 

My son is getting his license, and no questions asked, he’ll have a Jabra Bluetooth for when he drives. It will let me know he’s a little safer when I’m not right there watching. 

Jabra Tour +



Some of the Pros:

Easy set up
Can pair more than 1 phone with device
Shuts off when you leave your car
Charges in your car or with your PC
Up to 20 hours of talk time, 60 hours standby time
Great sound
Can connect to your music and GPS
Can use for conference calls
Designed for HD sound
Clips to sun visor
Sturdy device

Voice activated was not consistent in getting name correct each time

Here’s where to purchase your Jarba Tour: 



FREE LAUNDRY SOAP & Myrtle Beach Vacation Giveaway from Purex!


purex coupon ga

This week there’s a Rite Aid deal for a Buy 1 Get 2 Free sale going on!!!! It’s time to stock up on laundry soap! Click the link I have for you and print the coupons to go along with the sale. You can use 1 coupon on each of the products even though you’re getting 2 products free. 

I’ve been buying Purex Laundry Soap for about 8 years now. It cleans our clothes great and I love the scents. Purex sent us Purex Crystals to try out and also Purex No Sort laundry soap. I love the crystals for added fresh scent to our clothes. Purex No Sort Laundry Soap is a dream come true!!!!! I’ll certainly be happy not to sort laundry soap, no problem! How about you? 

Our kids are hard on their clothes with all the sports they’re in, all the sliding they do in their sports. They certainly don’t think of keeping their clothes clean, that’s for sure. So, I’m glad I can spray my stain remover and toss the clothes in the laundry and trust Purex to do the rest!  

I love working with Purex, bringing you new products they have coming out, vacation family giveaways and some free coupons for free products for you too! Enter for your chance to win a coupon for Purex No Sort and Purex Crystals. You’ll be able to get free products to try for yourself. We’ll be drawing the winner Thursday night. Good luck!!!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win the Family Myrtle Beach & $1000 Giveaway we have going on too with Purex! 

Family Dollar Matchups


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