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Freebie Round up Week of 9/28


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Paper Roundup Week of 9/28

Sparkle Paper Towels

Here are this weeks deals on all the paper products!

$5 ECB wyb $25 of the following Limit 1
Dollar General
Dollar Tree
Family Dollar
$5+UP wyb $15 of the following Limit 1
5000 ($5.00) Points wyb $20 or More

Pet Roundup Week of 9/28


Check out this weeks deals on pet products.

Dollar General
Dollar Tree

Laundry Roundup Week of 9/28


Here are your Laundry roundups for this week!

$5 ECB wyb $25 of the following Limit 1
Dollar General
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Family Dollar
$5+UP wyb $15 of the following Limit 1
5000 ($5.00) Points wyb $20 or More

Diaper Deals Week of 9/28


Here are this weeks diaper deals in store & online


Dollar General
Family Dollar

Red Arrow Diner Specials Week of 9/29

red arrow header

Red Arrow’s specials are out for the week and they look soooo delicious!! My mouth is watering just thinking about the Turkey Rueben!!!

this weeks specials are – 

~ Pork Pie/Cheddar Omelette, served with Panfries
~ Grilled Chicken Bomb HB Special, served with 2 Eggs and Toast
~ Bacon Cheeseburger Scramble, served up with Panfires and Toast
~ Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla, served with Ranch or Bleu Cheese
~ Turkey Reuben, served with French Fries
~ Newton Burger, served with French Fries

Free Coffee Fridays Are Back!!!!

free coffee

Cumberland Farms has their free coffee Fridays in October again, any size! It was actually during last year’s free coffee promotion that got me hooked! We switched over from the other coffee places after we went here! When it’s not free, it’s only $1!!!!! Can’t beat that or the taste. It’s a great time for you to try it out! 

The free coffee includes any of their Hot Chocolates and Chai as well! 


I can’t imagine anyone not entering for a chance to win this, unless you ride a horse to work, LOL! Just click the above banner to get your signed up! If I don’t win, I at least hope one of my readers does! Good luck! 

They allow a certain amount of entries a day, if you don’t make it one day, try another. I haven’t had a problem, but you never know. 



Free Coupon App & Contacts For Free Coupons

Organizing Coupons Video picture

 Anyone ever looking to save money on milk? How about on bananas and watermelon? Well then grab this free app, Checkout51, to get these great savings and more! Every Thursday morning, Checkout 51 updates with a new list of offers. All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through our mobile app or website. When your account reaches $20, they’ll send you a check. If you haven’t signed up for the new favorite coupon app, then click the banner below to sign up! 

In my classes and on my Couponing Up Close DVD,  I go over a list of ways to get more coupons. One way to get more coupons is to contact the company directly. When you do, you could receive coupons, some could even be coupons for FREE products! 

Each day this week, I’ll give you a list of 25 companies to contact yourself. I’ve directly linked you to their contact page. If you spend 10 minutes a day or less a day, you’ll be very happy with all the free coupons that will come your way. Now of course I can’t guarantee you’ll get something from every company, but the more you contact, the more great results you’ll get! Some of my favorite coupons I received were Free Tide Pods coupons, Free Freshetta Pizza coupons,  $7 off Smithfield, . 

I simply tell them that I’d love to try out their product. I’m usually very specific on what I’d like to try and ask if they have any coupons they can send my way. I’ve also contacted companies when I’ve been happy with a certain product and have also received coupons for positive feedback as well. 

Don’t just limit yourself to food at the grocery store. Contact your favorite clothing store to shop at and your favorite restaurants too. If you’re emailing them, make sure to leave your mailing address. 

Check back all this week for more…..

Here’s the list for Monday. Good luck! 

  1. Apple & Eve
  2. Ball Park
  3. Beech-Nut
  4. Birds Eye
  5. Chobani
  6. ConAgra Foods- Peter Pan, Healthy Choice, Pam, Hunts & more
  7. Earthbound Farm
  8. Fresh Express
  9. Hillshire Farm
  10. Hot Pockets
  11. Jif
  12. Jimmy Dean
  13. Juicy Juice
  14. Kahn’s
  15. Kellogg’s
  16. Kraft
  17. Lean  Cuisine
  18. Ocean Spray
  19. Plumrose
  20. Sara Lee Deli
  21. Sargento
  22. Smucker’s
  23. Stonyfield
  24. Tylenol
  25. Welch’s

Here’s the list for Tuesday: 

  1. Angel Soft Bath Tissue
  2. Annie’s 
  3. Aquafresh
  4. Atkins
  5. Aunt Jemima
  6. Balance Bar
  7. Barilla Pasta
  8. Crest
  9. Drano
  10. Emerald Nuts
  11. Gatorade
  12. Glade
  13. Jell-o
  14. Kashi
  15. Mott’s
  16. Nestle
  17. Newman’s Own
  18. Shout
  19. Snapple
  20. Totino’s
  21. Uncle Ben’s
  22. Velveeta
  23. Yo Crunch 
  24. Zatarains
  25. Ziploc

Here’s the list for Wednesday…

  1. Axe
  2. Barber Foods
  3. Bertolli
  4. Borden
  5. Cabot
  6. California Rice
  7. Chobani Yogurt
  8. Curel
  9. Del Monte
  10. Driscoll’s Berries
  11. Edwards
  12. Edy’s
  13. Eggland’s Best
  14. FarmRich
  15. Gerber
  16. Halls
  17. Hungry Jack 
  18. Ken’s
  19. Kleenex
  20. Kozy Shack 
  21. Krusteaz 
  22. Lean Cuisine
  23. Mama Rosie’s Pasta
  24. Nivea
  25. Vlasic

Here’s the list for Thursday:

  1. A&W Rootbeer
  2. Ben & Jerry’s
  3. Capri Sun
  4. Chef Boyardee
  5. Cool Whip
  6. Danimals
  7. Dole
  8. Doritos
  9. Dove 
  10. Dunkin Hines
  11. Ellios Pizza
  12. Gatorade
  13. Green Giant
  14. Little Debbie
  15. Lipton Tea
  16. Lucky Leaf
  17. Lunchables
  18. Mission 
  19. Perdue Products
  20. Prego
  21. Smithfield Ham
  22. Smuckers
  23. Tyson
  24. Tribe Mediterranean Foods
  25. Velveeta

Here’s the list for Friday: 

  1. 4-C
  2. Charmin
  3. Fiora 
  4. French’s
  5. Fresh Gourmet
  6. Garnier
  7. Hood
  8. Hostess
  9. Lay’s
  10. Lindt
  11. Marie’s Dressing
  12. Maybelline
  13. Mrs. Myers
  14. Pantene
  15. Peter Pan
  16. Philadelphia
  17. Pillsbury
  18. Playtex
  19. Red Baron
  20. Reynolds
  21. Saran Wrap
  22. Skippy
  23. Stoneyfield
  24. Sunbelt Bakery
  25. Viva

Extremely Easy Fried Dough Recipe with our BrylaneHome Digital Double Deep Fryer

Disclosure: BrylaneHome sent us this product to review. All opinions are our own.

Heavenly Fried DoughWhen fall hits NH,  I usually hit the fair! My friend and I have made a tradition of heading to the Deerfield Fair together the first day it opens. We drop our kids off at school by 8:30 and make the trip, knowing full well our itinerary is already mapped out in order of our favorite fair foods! We don’t have to bring the strollers, we don’t have to be home at any particular time-our husband’s were given the family schedule and will hold down the fort for us! I don’t have to share with anyone under the age of 16 -Woohooo! I am very excited about that. We can wander and look at all the crafts we want, can sit at the horse shows for as long as we want, can buy a few things just for us, all while enjoying a giant doughnut or apple cider or a gyro, or anything else we fancy. 

We do know that our kids do like going to the fair too. They love getting the fair foods probably just as much as I do. I gotta tell you though, with our family size of 7, it’s almost $70 just to walk through the gate. That’s almost this couponer’s grocery bill budget for the week and we haven’t even starting eating yet at the fair. So, we came up with an alternative.  We’re having Fall Fair Fried Food Weekends! (Say that 5 times fast.) 

Brylane Home Deep Fryer Special

BrylaneHome sent us their Double Digital Deep Fryer to review. I like the 50% off price they have on their site right now too. I’ve tried a few other deep fryers in the last year from a couple different stores and ended up returning them. So, in all honesty, I wasn’t sure if  this one would be up to my standards, because the other ones were good names and good deals, yet, they each had some big negatives. 

We had a few basic foods we were going to try first. I went to BJ’s Wholesale and bought a big jug of Canola Oil, 10lb bag of wings, Buffalo sauce, 3lbs of Mozzarella Sticks and some chicken tenders. All this was about $45! The one box of mozzarella sticks was almost the same price it would have been for 1 order at a restaurant! 

Fall Fair Fried Foods

Before we start cooking, let me tell you some of the features that I liked about the fryer. First, I never had a digital fryer, I’m already liking the accuracy.  I have a double fryer and the compartments are separate. What I mean by this is that I don’t have to have both sides on. Each side has it’s own plug.  I also like that I can keep one side for deep frying meat and use the other side for veggies, dough, french fries etc. This fryer has 2 filters which is suppose to help keep that frying odor to a minimum. 

 Hubby got the fryer set up easily, we got it heated up and started cooking. The manual and on the top of the fryer has some temperature suggestions for the foods you’re cooking. I did easily find info on the web for other food temps that I may need later. We made some wings and mozzarella sticks and WoooHooo they were just like the restaurant and/or the fairs! Paul tossed his wings in Buffalo sauce, Brock tossed his in BBQ sauce and I just added a little salt to them. Can you say addicting! It did take us a few times for us to get the wings to our personal crispy likeness. It was no problem experimenting! Mozzarella sticks were super easy. Three minutes we were biting in and saying ehhmmm, good! 

Here are some recipes that we used this weekend for our Digital Double Deep Fryer: 

Mozzarella Sticks: 

Preheat fryer to 350

Fry 8-10 pieces for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Chicken Wings: 

Preheat fryer to 375

Fry 10 pieces for 10 minutes.

Brock made some yummy fried pickles too. I had a hard time catching photos because of all the little “finnas” grabbing the finger food! 

Fried Pickles: 

Batter: Use the just add water pancake mix. Prepare pancake batter according to instructions on box, dredge pickle chips in batter and fry.

Preheat fryer to 350

Fry pickle batch for about 3 minutes. 

We had to make a sweet treat and what’s better than fried dough? You just gotta have fried dough when you’re at the fair! We’re in NH and we call it fried dough, but I recently found out that depending on where you live, you may call it something else. I’ve heard some call it elephant ears or beaver tails. Here’s a super easy recipe for you to try at home in the fryer. 

Heavenly Fried Dough Fried Dough: 

Thaw out 2 frozen bread loaves and let rise double in size according to directions. When loaves are thawed and ready, separate each dough loaf into 4 pieces. Lightly flour each piece and stretch each piece some. 

Preheat fryer to 375

Fry dough one at a time for  about 1 1/2 minutes on each side. 

Top with powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar mix, hot fudge, maple syrup and/or whatever your favorite topping is. 

Brock and fried dough

Even my baseball player son, Brock, and his buds came back home to have some delicious fried dough! 

 Pros & Cons:

Digital temp reading and timer
Separate “containers” for the oil
Reusable filters for odor control
I wish there was a cover for the containers to store the oil

BrylaneHome has many great products for your home, for outdoors and for the holidays. Great prices too! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to find their latest deals, coupons and giveaways!