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My progress from my Personal Trainer Food…

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I’m over half way through my month. The food from Personal Trainer has been very delicious. I will admit that it has not been an easy journey. The package I’m on doesn’t allow milk, fruits and bread. I’m good with the no bread but the fruits and milk have been tough. With working out with the exercise bootcamp I did need more food and before my workout I did have banana and peanut butter and a glass of milk. If I wasn’t working out so hard it probably wouldn’t have been a problem but 3 days a week when I did my workout I was getting very bad headaches. I needed that little extra. I have not weighed myself or measured yet. Though, this past week I’ve received three compliments from people I haven’t seen in awhile. One said I was looking good and two said that it looks like I’ve lost a ton of weight. Thankfully, I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, LOL, but it’s great that it’s noticeable! We’re heading to a wedding this weekend, we’ll see if any family that I haven’t seen will take notice. For anyone interested in the Personal Trainer Food, there are different packages to choose from. Take a peek and remember for a limited time only you can use receive $25 off a 28-day supply of Personal Trainer Food when you use coupon PTF222. 



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