HOT! HOT! HOT! Does anyone want a free $50!!!! No joke, I did it! Perfect time for the Christmas season!!!!

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For those who have been with Extreme Coupon Professors know that I like to get deals anywhere I can. I even went to a ladies conference a few weeks ago that I found out the night before the event was taking place and got a discount on it. There had been an early bird special from a few weeks prior, of course I was way past that, but I certainly couldn’t pay full price. Once she knew who I was, she understood why I was asking, LOL.

Anyways, this deal is still being offered and it turns out I was able to sign up too. My husband had signed up a couple years ago when they had a promotion so I figured it was one per household and it’s not.

All you do is sign up for a new checking account with ING Direct. You’ll transfer an amount of your own checking account to open in. I put $10 in but could have just put $5 in. ING will deposit 2 small amounts in your present account to confirm that it’s real and you verify it. Simply do 3 transactions over 45 days, I’m going to buy gum. On day 50, they’ll deposit $50 into your new account!  Who can use a free $50!!!!! It’s seriously that easy. Like I said my husband had done this already and we like ING, there are a lot of perks with them too! Sign up HERE, I’m sure this promotion will be ending soon don’t miss it. I’m going to be bragging when I get my free $50 that’s for sure!


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