Anyone looking for a FREE holiday outfit for your child? FabKids has an extraordinary offer for you, keep reading!

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FabKids is really making a mark for sure.  A lot of readers have purchased their promotional 3 piece outfit specials and have been thrilled with the quality. Well, now for new customers only, you can get a 3 piece outfit for FREE, just pay $7.95 shipping! It takes a couple steps, but I’ll walk you through it, it’s easy!

  • First head over to FabKids, sign up HERE and take a quick style quiz.
  • Next, click HERE. This is a unique link to get your outfit for free.
  • Now choose your favorite outfit! Do you realize it’s only $2.65 a piece! How great is that!
  • Each month you’ll receive an offer for a new outfit special, you can accept of decline, there is no obligation!

This offer is a limited time only!

Just a thought, we pick off the Christmas angel tree every year for a little girl and a little boy. This will be a super bonus gift we can give them this year! Maybe you can do that too! Pass this deal on to a friend, it’s perfect for the holidays!



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