Get rewarded when you go out to eat…

So I found this new program that rewards you when you go out to eat. I figure with our family size we should earn quite a bit back in rewards. Several readers have joined this program already and say they are liking it, earning gift certificates to Kohls, Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes and more.  I feel at this point I’ve been missing out, so I’m joining too. You not only earn points when you’re eating out but you also earn points for shopping too. It’s perfect timing as we’re all shopping more this time of year.

Plink will show you different offers. One example is when you spend $5 at Dunkin Donuts you’ll earn 70 points. Each store has different points to redeem for gift cards.  Click HERE to sign up and start earning! 

Once you sign up for Plink it will ask you to enter your credit or debit card, this is what keeps track of your purchases. I used to automatically say no to entering my credit card but I have learned about different security sites and this site is highly protected with TrustE fraud detection. So knowing that and using my Extreme Coupon Professors bank card for my internet purchases, I’m golden!


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