Thanks to Hood, we have a $100 Visa Gift Card to give you!!!!

A couple weeks ago Hood sent me samples of their Caramel Hood Eggnog! They asked me to make some recipes using the eggnog. You have no idea how hard it was to keep the kids away from it, LOL!

Well, yesterday we made some yummy homemade ice cream! We use our ice cream maker quite a bit and when I asked the kids what they wanted to make with the eggnog, 3 of them said ice cream! It was such an easy recipe:

Eggnog Ice Cream:


2 cups of  Hood Caramel Eggnog

1 cup of Hood Heavy Cream

1 cup of Hood Milk

Pour all the ingredients in your ice cream maker and churn according to desired consistency. We couldn’t help but try it when it was in soft serve ice cream form and then we put ours in a container for 3 hours and served it with our apple pie.

Mmmm, it was really good! Tomorrow we’re making eggnog donuts and we’ll be happy to share the outcome with you! Hood has a lot of their own recipes right on their website. A lot of them would be perfect for your holiday baking! Here are some coupons from Hood as well! 

Today I’m so excited to offer you a $100 Visa Gift Card from Hood! I love working with Hood sharing their products and offers for you! Our last giveaway from Hood was for the $10,000 Hood Cook-Off Event where you can view the event here! 

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  1. vanilla!!

  2. Lori Williams says:

    I love pumpkin spice!! Thanks!

  3. I LOVE egg nog and buy it all through the Holiday season. My favorite is still the original – reminds me of when my mother made it for me as a kid :)

  4. Pumpkin

  5. There’s more than one flavor?

  6. I dont care for eggnog but my household loves regular and sometimes the pumpkin flavored one also :)

  7. original!!

  8. I am not a fan of eggnog, but my hubby likes all the flavors.

  9. Original!

  10. I love the original and pumpkin…yummy

  11. My favorite is the original. Hood Golden Eggnog. I add it to my coffe in the morning all through the holiday season.

  12. Everyone in my house loves any flavor eggnog~

  13. I love eggnog with lots of brandy!

  14. I love original! :)

  15. Traditional egg nog is the way to go…. use it in coffee, recipes and a morning treat! Although pumpkin is a close second, yummy! I love this time of year!

  16. Wendy Brassbridge says:


  17. Vanilla Eggnog is my favorite and it is so difficult to find!!

  18. I like the Vanilla and the Light flavors!

  19. I like the vanilla!!

  20. My favorite is the new Caramel! To die for!

  21. Traditional Golden Egg Nog, the only way to GO!

  22. Caramel!

  23. christina n says:

    my favorite is golden. i want to try the new caramel

  24. Love the original!

  25. Light Eggnog. Still get to indulge in the yummy delicious taste of eggnog without all the added calories :)

  26. Original Eggnogg..

  27. Lorenzo A. says:

    Original is my favorite.

  28. i love the regular golden eggnog it’s also good to make french toast

  29. My favorite is pumpkin, use it to make a pumpkin pie for a different twist!

  30. I love the original. Every year it comes out a little earlier, this year it was before Halloween! I only buy Hood eggnog, it’s the best! I told my friend Hood should make eggnog all year long! :) I just wish they still made their eggnog ice cream. Only Edie’s does now and I don’t want to pay so much for it.

  31. I love all the flavors

  32. I should say the light because I am always trying to loose weight, however, my sweet tooth loves sugar cookie flavor.

  33. Caramel

  34. Nicole Sturgeon says:

    I love the good ol’ fashion eggnog

  35. Caramel and Regular

  36. I love the new Caramel…very decadent!
    but most of the time I buy light…try to lighten up the calories

  37. Danielle Oakes says:

    The original Eggnog is MY favorite!

  38. Eggnog is my favorite thing about this time of year- next to seeing my family! :)

    I think plain and vanilla are my faves!


  39. I love the plain but have to drink it in very small doses or it makes me sick.

  40. Kathryn Dellindia says:

    Sugar cookie eggnog

  41. Karen Rennirt says:

    I didn’t know there were other flavors, these sound great, gonna have to try different ones. Thanks.

  42. Nichole McKinnon says:


  43. I love Golden Egg Nog but I want to try the Pumpkin flavor

  44. I love original Eggnog flavor

  45. original egg nog

  46. Kristen Goocher says:

    I LOVE the original!

  47. stacy mccormack says:

    I like the cinnamon one :)

  48. Amazing recipes and awesome giveaway. Thank you

  49. I love Golden eggnog

  50. Nicole Sturgeon says:

    I love the good old fashion eggnog

  51. Original is the best! Nothing quite like Eggnog French Toast during the holidays :). My son can’t get enough of it!

  52. cinnamon, and its actually great to make french toast with

  53. What a fabulous giveaway! Just saw you on WMUR!

  54. Jason Longwith says:

    Not a huge fan, only had it once or twice.

  55. jose gueits says:


  56. Tenielle S says:

    Thank you for the recipe ideas! My favorite is the original eggnog, but in the last few years I have been buying soynog!

  57. Favorite flavor is plain ones.

  58. Jen Gamelin says:


  59. rochelle haynes says:

    I do not like eggnog!!

  60. I like original Eggnog!

  61. original eggnog

  62. Love the light version of the Traditional flavor.

  63. I don’t think I realized there were flavors…I have added to my to do list!

  64. Vanilla egg nog is great for a change of course I still enjoy traditional flavor with a bit of nutmeg.

  65. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love original eggnog

  66. I like the Light Eggnog. It still taste great and I don’t have to feel guilty. :)

  67. vanilla

  68. Vanilla

  69. i love original and vanilla

  70. Yummy! love French toast made with egg nog!

  71. Wendy Nelson says:

    Great idea with eggnog

  72. Regular old fashioned egg nog!I just think that it reminds me of holidays past.

  73. Daniel Fairbanks says:

    Vanilla is my favorite

  74. I like vanilla flavor

  75. Heather Osgood says:

    Pumpkin Eggnog sounds so good!!

  76. i could use some egg nog right now.

  77. Would you believe I have never had eggnog?


  78. Sonya Morris says:

    Cinnamon is my favorite!

  79. David Holder says:


  80. amy pugmire says:

    vanilla is my fav!!!

  81. I love pumpkin spice!!

  82. Thomas Murphy says:

    vanilla eggnog

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