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I got another $50 for Amazon!!!! Woo Hooooo!!!!!

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Here’s the Karaoke Machine I got with it!  I also got an extra microphone and a Disney CD to go with it!

SwagBucks is the easiest thing around. Sign up with SwagBucks HERE and when you hop on the internet to search around, go through SwagBucks first to search. When you do, you’ll earn points which  you can turn into gift cards for Amazon and many other stores. I always cash in for Amazon cards because it gives you the most for your points. Last week I used $160 in gift certificates to shop on Amazon. It was quite nice. I cashed in more points and have another $50 to use. I know that this is good, but every time I post about SwagBucks on the Facebook page, I almost always get someone who has cashed out for a lot more than me.I’m a little jealous, LOL!


There are other ways to earn points too, by taking surveys, playing games and more. I don’t have much extra time for that so I pretty much just use it as my search engine, takes no extra time for me and look at the money I’ve earned! Try it out, it’s free and easy!




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