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Last night I got $160 worth of Amazon gifts for FREE !!!!!

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If you haven’t signed up with Swagbucks yet or haven’t been using it, I’d strongly, strongly recommend it! Shame on me for not using it more often. Last night I realized I had a couple hundred dollars in Amazon money in my account!

It’s so easy to use it’s ridiculous. You just go into your Swagbucks account before you start searching the web. Every so often you’ll get this pop up that says you’ve earned 15 Swagbucks, or 5 Swagbucks, on occasion you’ll get a bigger number. You just OK it and the points go into your account. When you reach certain points you can redeem them for gift certificates, Paypal, etc. The $5 Amazon gives you the most for your points. I had over the summer redeemed a bunch and remembered about them last night. I had all this money and more sitting there. So I shopped Amazon, got lots of gifts and I’m sitting here looking pretty good!

You can earn more points when you shop online  and go through Swagbucks too. You can play games, do surveys and more to earn extra. Sometimes Olyvia will do some of the extras things but I’ve only used it when I’m on the computer.

Click HERE to sign up today! My account is empty and am starting over myself. I’ll save it all for Christmas for next year!

After you sign up for Swagbucks, sign up here to track your packages. It’s a free program from UPS and I’m so glad I have it!


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