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Not only am I glad we’re getting this great toilet paper deal this week, look what else we’re getting….

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When you sign up with Scott Savings Rewards, not only will you get new coupons when you sign up, every month they’ll have new coupons too and they also have rewards each month. Here’s what’s going on in December:

I think these added discounts are really neat. This time it’s off of flower bouquets, but take a look, sometimes it’s museum passes, amusement parks, Blockbuster rentals, Amazon codes  and much more. I’m just thinking, now the 1st of the month isn’t just paying bills, it’s getting some freebies and discounts too!

With 2012 coming to a close, New Year’s resolutions are in the  making. On top of many lists it’s saving more money, getting deals etc. I”m right with you and this is a perfect start! Click HERE to sign up today. Get $1.25 in coupons for signing up and if you have signed up, grab your extra December coupons today.  Don’t forget that great toilet paper deal starts today, get your coupons to go with it! I’m getting mine Tuesday!!! I’ve been couponing for a long time, but I have to say there’s a few things that I really don’t like having to pay full price for and one of those is toilet paper!

I”m  cashing in my $12 ECB for this deal. I almost had to pay full price last week for toilet paper. I’m glad I had my Scott Shared Value coupon!  I won’t  be running low after this shopping trip!!!

Starting Sunday CVS is giving us $10 in ECB when we buy $30 in the following products:

Scott Paper Towels 6-rolls: $5.98

-$1.25 Printable HERE

Scott Bath Tissue 12-18 rolls: $7.99

-$1.25 Printable HERE

Kleenex Hand Towels: $2.87

-$0.75 SS 12/2

Kleenex 2/$3.00

-$0.30/3 SS 12/2

Cottonelle Wipes: $2.87

-$0.50 Printable HERE

My friend, Stephanie reminded me to scan your card at the Magic Red CVS machine for another coupon for the Cottenelle wipes! Great deals we’re gonna have this week!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.”


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