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Red Arrow Diner! Open 24 Hours a Day! I have a $25 gift certificate to give to a lucky reader!

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I love it here! The food is so yummy, their menu is HUGE, I love getting breakfast at 7:00 at night and not just 7:00 in the morning!



  1. Danielle D says

    I LOVE getting scrambled eggs and hash browns. Something about diner food and knowing how bad for you it is, makes it better LOL!

  2. Nancy Mayland says

    My favorite is breakfast – bacon, eggs and pancakes. If they don’t serve breakfast all day, I gotta get salisbury steak.

  3. Brian says

    I’d have to say having breakfast for dinner ranks as my favorite. Pancakes/French toast with scrambled eggs and sausage.

  4. Shelley says

    I love having a home cooked breakfast anytime of day. This is why I go out for breakfast cause my cooking skills are not great. Chocolate Chip pancakes, bacon and eggs is just supper yummy no matter when you have them

  5. Michelle says

    I’ve never been…but all the food comments sounds good! I’d love to take my honey to have a steak or maybe breakfast for dinner! The chocolate chip pancakes sound delish!

  6. Tracie McHugh says

    I love the Diner … I have never had anything there that I didn’t like! I actually just bought $50 couplon for $25.00 on halfoffnh.com – can’t wait to get it in the mail.

  7. says

    Red Arrow is the greatest, my husband family has been going there since the first Red Arrow was open. His mom & Dad use to go there every Saturday at 2pm for there beans,toast and coffee, and if they were early the waitress would them them you are to early and if they got there after 2 pm, they would said you are late. It was just a joke with them and the waitress, a on going thing. But now they they have gone to the Red Arrow in the sky. God rest there souls.
    My first granddaughter was the youngest person to go to the Red Arrow at one time, they even took her picture and had it on the website. I love the chicken tenders, but all the food is good there. Also love to have breakfast there.

  8. Mary says

    Is this offer still open? Even if it’s not, I still have to respond. LOVE diner food, it is my favorite! Like many said above me, I love breakfast for dinner, and love a good burger from a diner. Would love to try this place! I’m on the Seacoast, so would probably visit the Manch. location. Thanks for the fun, and also for tons of great and useful information on your site!

    • Extreme Coupon Professor says

      Hi Mary, thanks for being here and commenting! No, this giveaway is closed, but I have another one coming up next week!

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