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Get a $25 Visa Card, be entered into a $5000 giveaway, see great car prices!!!

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team kia 5000

Not only does Teak Kia have new vehicle prices starting at $99 a month, but you can also head in to drive a car and register to win $5000! 

They also have a test drive offer for a $25 Visa gift card! I’m heading in with the kids after our dentist appointments to take advantage of this offer!

Even before I started saving a ton a money with coupons, I was huge into test drive offers! HUGE!!! We won and received all kinds of things from $1500 in Macy’s gift certificates to weekends away! My husband and I laugh about it when we talk about my test drive days.  I even did it with my kids when they were babies, it was worth it!  At one point we were looking for a car we did get a great deal at one of the dealerships I had done a test drive with.

No purchase is necessary for this test drive offer, read more about this offer HERE! 


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