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Shaw’s Coupon Policy

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*Internet coupons are accepted

*Overage is accepted towards other items, not in form of cash back

*One coupon per item

*Shaw’s may reserve the right to limit quantities sold.

*Photo copies of coupons are not accepted as well as altered or fraudulent coupons.

*Shaw’s internet coupons are accepted with some restriction. The coupon must state “Shaw’s” and be printed from a computer, not copied. Unless otherwise stated, limit ONE coupon of each type per customer per day.

*A Shaw’s internet coupon will not exceed $10

*Manufacturer’s internet coupons follow the same stated manufacturer’s coupon policies with the following restrictions: must be printed from a computer printer, no copies. Manufacturer internet coupons for free items are not accepted. All internet coupons valued at $5 or more including BOGO internet printed coupons valued at $5 or more, may be accepted based upon a managers approval.

Doubling Manufacturer’s Coupons: 

*Shaw’s doubles valid manufacturer’s coupons that are $0.99 and under as long as the coupon doesn’t say do not double.

*Up to FOUR like coupons (same UPC) can be doubled per day, per customer. If you have a 5th coupon, you can use it, but it will not double.

*”Store” coupons may not be doubled.

*Other retailer coupons are not accepted. Other retailer store catalinas are not accepted.

*Any combined discounts, including coupons, may not exceed the value of the transaction.

*Coupons must have a valid bar code and a valid expiration date to be accepted.

*Coupon may not be applied on a free item.

*Transactions my not be separated for the purpose of circumventing coupon policies.

REVISION: Shaw’s will take overage and put it on products, will not give money back though. This info is found at most service desks but is not in the official policy.



    • Extreme Coupon Professor says

      it’s actually not in their policy, but it was at the registers and at the service desk. Also, when they started it, they announced it on their fb page.

  1. theresa feeney says

    Thank you for this info, I am just starting the whole coupon thing and I do not want any problems at the register. One question, if I want to but 10 items with coupons I will have to come back multiple days instead of splitting the transactions?
    Thanks again for your info, Theresa

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