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Come to “The Ultimate Coupon Class!” on Thursday!

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Coupon Class Ad

My local coupon classes are winding down a bit because ECP has some new exciting ventures that we’re pursuing. With that being said, I’m combining all my coupon classes to make one Ultimate Coupon Class!!!! You will be receiving an amazing amount of information! I’ll be covering grocery shopping, drugstore shopping, using coupons at Walmart, Target and more. I’ll help you find many places to find coupons, how to read the details of the coupons, how to know how much to buy when you find a deal and again, so much more! Bring your notebooks and pens and come ready to learn how to save A LOT of money!


Let’s help the Food Pantry! Bring a nonperishable item and for every item you bring in, you’ll receive extra tickets for our $100 Gift Bag Giveaway! Bring in 50 items, receive 50 tickets!!!!

When: Thursday, March 28th

Time: Registration starts at 5:15

Class starts promptly at 6:00 and ends at 8:30

Where: Jutras Post American Legion, 56 Boutwell St, Manchester NH

Cost: $20 when you prepay by 3/26…..$25 when you pay after the 3/26 ***

What to bring: Your notebook, pen and your friends! Get ready for an amazing night!!!!

Contact info: If you have any questions call 232-9242 or email ExtremeCouponProfessors@gmail.com



***Prepay and receive a chance to win a $25 Red Arrow Gift Card and a 4 Pack Chuckster’s Mini Golf from Couptopia! 

Prepay by Paying through Paypal.com. 

Instructions for Paypal:

~Sign in

~Send Money to ExtremeCouponProfessors@gmail.com

~Amount $20

~Click the tab that says PERSONAL, choose GIFT

~Click Continue to review transaction

If you don’t have Paypal but would like to register for the class:

Call:  Kim603-232-9242


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