$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway to the Red Arrow Diner!!!

Red Arrow Hot Chocolate

Today I got some really great news that I’m so excited about, but I can’t tell anyone until late May….so hard to keep a secret like this.  But, because I’m so excited I have a few giveaways I’d like to do. I’ve got one starting tonight and a couple more up my sleeve that you’ll see coming up too.

My family loves Red Arrow Diner. To me, there’s just something extra welcoming there! One of my favorite things about it though is that it’s open 24 hours. Why would an old lady like me care about that, LOL! Well, there have been a few times that hubby and I walk in the door late from different directions with the kids and realize it’s been days since we’ve sat with each other. With the kids getting older, they stay up later. I’ll ask Paul if he wants to head to the Red Arrow Diner for a late date….and we do! I love it! So, that’s my favorite!  But, if you ask my kids what there favorite it is, you’ll hear. “that they put a lot of whipped cream in the hot chocolate, that the Reuben sandwich is huge, that they can have breakfast for dinner, that they get a lot of chicken fingers for their meal, for the giant cream puffs……” If you haven’t been there, don’t bother waiting to see if you won the gift certificate, cause you’re going to want to go back again anyways.

Ready? Well, here you go….

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  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

  2. Haven’t been to this place but sounds like they offer some delicious food!

  3. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.

  4. Love all at the Red Arrow. Chicken tenders hit the spot late night

  5. Haven’t been there in ages & would love to win this a go again. I would definitely have breakfast – any time of day.

  6. breakfast!

  7. Dinner is my favorite meal !

  8. I love breakfast because I love any kind of pancakes!!!

  9. Breakfast @ dinner is my favorite!!! :)

  10. My favorite meal of the day is every meal I love to eat!

  11. lunch and dinner!

  12. Lunch

  13. Ann Plummer says:

    Everything they serve is the best….Yum, pork Pie.

  14. Danielle D says:

    My boyfriend just asked me if I’ve been to the Red Arrow Diner before! I haven’t and would love to try since I’ve heard nothing but great things. Plus, who doesn’t love breakfast?

  15. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

  16. christina says:

    It was years ago but my memory off the red arrow diner is i had to find a bathroom and a nice guy told me about the diner even took me there but after i used the facilities we then enjoyed a nice cup of coffee it was a great memory and the staff are extremely kind thanks for being there when i needed you red arrow diner hehe i hope to visit again

  17. Dinner

  18. I love every meal of the day including snack time! Red Arrow is alot of fun anytime and late at night too after a concert or when you’re out in the area real late.

  19. I love breakfast…any time of the day!!

  20. stacy mccormack says:


  21. The waitresses know my hubby and I and I order the same thing every time we go! Queen Dinah all the way! I love breakfast all day.

  22. Dinner

  23. They have great breakfast and their pies are best around.

  24. I have never been there, but have heard so much about it. I would love to win! Especially if they have pork pie YUM

  25. I love breakfast for dinner!

  26. Never been but would love to try it out.

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