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1. Get Paid To SHOP! 2. Get $50 FREE! 3. Apps That Pay You To Use Coupons!

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1 . Get Rewarded To Shop! It’s a dream come true! 

That’s right! Nielsen Consumer Panel is still open looking for new users. They opened up more zip code areas to join this popular program. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive a scanner to scan products you buy. The more you scan, the more points you receive to cash in for gift cards, household items, jewelry, electronics, toys and more. They now have an extra $500 gift card giveaway (every quarter 40 additional members are chosen) and they also have a $20,000 cash giveaway going on too! Who wouldn’t love that!!!!

To receive points for all of the above including the $500 gift card and the chance for $20,000:

  1. Sign up to become a NCP panel member.
  2. Scan your household purchase information (with a handheld scanner they provide).
  3. Send the purchase information to NCP.

Click here to start saving with Capital One 360

  2. Get $50 Free When You Open A Capital One Bank Account! 

Yay! They have this awesome sign up deal back! Capital One is offering $50 when you open up a new checking account. Recently they had a $20 bonus, we like this one much better. When I opened my account, I had to of course put money into my new account to open it. I simply put in $10, could have put in less or more if I wanted. Within 45 days you just do 3 transactions with your Capital debit/credit card, I bought gum in my transactions and I got $50 bucks! Ladies and Gents, this is free money. Both my hubby and I have have done this and do use this account for my online shopping. I don’t know what your bank has been up to, but my other bank has been slowly throwing on those monthly fees and I don’t like it. We’ve closed out one of our accounts and slowly are changing all our billing info payments over so we can close the other ones. Those monthly fees to add up…YUCK!!! Click HERE to read more and sign up.  I have no idea how long this promo is going for, but don’t miss out on it this time!!!!!

3. Apps That Pay You To Use Coupons! 


Have you signed up with ibotta? If not, now’s the time to with their newbie $2 bonus.  It’s sooo easy to do. If you have a smart phone, android or an iPod, you can use ibotta!


For those who already have ibotta you’ll want to update your app for the new features shown in the Main Menu.

new ibotta

The other super app that I recently came upon is Endorse! Wow, you earn money quick on this too. One reader wrote yesterday that she had earned $15 by midweek. Another reader said she’s been using it for months and loves it, especially when she gets 50% back from diapers! To read more, Click HERE and sign up. 




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