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The free contact offer is back! The site is back up!!!

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Get a free one month trial pair of contacts for FREE! I love this offer because this got my son different contact that were more comfortable and turns out they were a lower cost! There are 3 different contacts to choose from; daily contacts, regular contacts and multivision contacts. Just click the banner for the ones that you want below! Then, look to the right of the page and you’ll see the banner to click to order your free contacts. You can also request colored contacts too if you want to be daring for the summer!

Daily Air Contacts:
PharmDaily Air

Daily Aqua Contacts:
PharmDaily Aqua

Daily Lens Contacts:

Multivision Contacts:
PharmDaily Multivision



  1. JoAnne Little says

    I would like to try your new contacts for frees. I have tried to send something to you regarding these but to no avail. Hopefully you will be able to get me some information. Thank you.


  2. Chris says

    Bogus offers – there are no “banners” next to the contact lens offer……you cannot participate in that “free” offer! Most likely do that so people will post a complaint and then you will send them ads via the email consumers have to provide. You will be blocked.

    • Extreme Coupon Professor says

      Hi Chris, I apologize, their site is not working today. We’ve received several free trial contacts over the years. Figures today it’s down on their end. I do apologize, it is frustrating!

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