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Hi, my name is Olyvia, daughter of the Extreme Coupon Professor! I ABSOLUTELY love to bake. When I bake goodies I like to put a twist on it. just like i did on my cupcakes! I made tie-dye cupcakes. These cupcakes are so cool and colorful!


  To make these cupcakes you will need.

  •   A white cake mix  (prepare mix according to box instructions)
  •   3 separate bowls
  •   3 different food colorings
  •   3 spoons to mix batter in each bowl

First, you will need to put the prepared white cake batter into each bowl. Make sure that each bowl has the same amount of batter. Next, in one bowl put 3 or 4 drops of food coloring of you choice. Repeat with another color for each of the other bowls. Next, mix the batter. Make sure you do that to all of your bowls. You will need to place a cupcake holder into each cupcake tin. Fill your cupcake holders by layering each color.  Bake your cupcake according to cake box directions. 


 (Hey, who took the cupcake from the cupcake tin? Camden, was it you? )

 Now, when your cupcakes are completely cool it is time to frost them.  Frost with your favorite frosting on your yummy tie-dye cupcakes. Now all that is left to do, is to eat your cupcakes!  ENJOY! 




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