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Get your free contacts is here! If you don’t need contacts, try some colored ones for fun!

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I got these freebies myself and I’m glad I did. Now I buy this brand at BJ’s for a much lesser price. I had gone through my eye doctor at first, but when I found out it was almost 50% less at BJ’s I cancelled my order at the eye doctor’s. At BJ’s you don’t have to have a membership to take advantage of the eye care store. I didn’t know that until recently. Also, the more boxes of contacts you purchases the less you have to pay!

Choose what contacts you’d like to try for free. Gosh, even if you don’t need contacts, have fun and try the colored ones! One of our readers last year got colored ones to go with their trick or treat costume. How fun!

You’ll see on the second page it will say “Get It”in the top right corner.  Just click on that to get yours!

Click the banner below for the PharmDaily Air free contacts:

PharmDaily Air

Click the banner below for the PharmDaily Aqua free contacts:

PharmDaily Aqua

Click the banner below for the PharmDaily Dailies free contacts:





    • Extreme Coupon Professor says

      I just tried it and got it to work….there will be an adlike photo at the top of the page then you click the right hand get it photo on the second page. Hope you’re all set! ~Kim

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