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It’s time to save! Shopping with coupons and Extreme Coupon Professors will put more money in your pocket!

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concord class
Not having to grocery shop when the kids are home in the summer is such a blessing! I for one don’t like shopping, especially with all the kiddos.I do LOVE saving money though!  Having a well stocked house from the deals we’ve picked up over the last few months, allows me to just run into the store to just get the staples we need. I’ve been able to do this because of couponing. I save so much money each week which allows us to do extra things over vacation or not worry so much when I have car repairs like I did this week. You can have the same thing! 

It’s time for another public coupon class! This isn’t your ordinary coupon class because this one is being filmed by A2B-Productions and will be turned into a DVD!!! I am more than excited that this is happening as it’s been a goal I’ve had early on when I began Extreme Coupon Professors. 

The class will be held at Concord Monitor, 1 Monitor Dr (off of Sewalls Fall Rd) in Concord, NH. We will be covering a lot of material. I’ve combined my 2 main classes into one class to get you everything you need to be successful saving families! Whether you’re a family of 8 or a retired couple, this IS for all of you. 

Because this is being filmed a release form is required and will need to be signed before you join us for the class. We will have them at the registration table. 

Prepayment is required.  You can pay by Paypal.  Send your $20 payment to ExtremeCouponProfessors@gmail.com. In the comment box write in the names of those attending. 

If you prefer to pay by check, please email me at extremecouponprofessors@gmail.com and I’ll send you the payment info. 

You DON’T want to miss this class! Everyone who attends this class will also have the opportunity to receive a great discount from Concord Monitor for newspaper delivery. We obviously need coupons, which means more papers! You will LOVE the discount. 

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