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Earn A LOT of Amazon Gift Cards!!!!

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ups game

UPS has a promo where you can earn A LOT of Amazon cards! Use this link below, sign up and use your code to share with your friends. You’ll earn referral points to play their UPS game where you easily win Amazon gift cards. One of my friends shared this promo and she’s earned over $700. Last year my Christmas was almost free from a similar promo. I’m hopping on this one!!! https://www.upsmychoicepromo.com/share_my_choice/?inc=BE9ZZGKK1. I received my referral link in my profile page, you should find yours there too!  It takes about 24 hours for your chances to show up. I also found that playing a few times in a row gives me prizes then I’ll wait a a few hours and play again and get more prizes. I don’t know if spreading out my chances is allowing me to win more, but it’s working. In just a few days, I’ve earned over $200 in Amazon gift cards and we won some other prizes too. 





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