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How many pounds of apples in a bushel?

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Goodness, weekends go by soooo quickly, don’t they? We had a wonderful family day on Saturday. I love, love, love apple picking with the kids. My oldest who is 15 comes along to please his mom and with a smile that stays on his face. What a great kid! 

First, I gotta share a few of my family brag photos and then I’ll give you the breakdown of the math end of apple picking prices. 

SAM_2667My loves under an Apple Tree! 

SAM_2661This tree reminds me of a Christmas tree. Who wouldn’t want an Apple Christmas Tree, right?

SAM_2691I think we picked almost all the apples off of this branch! I can’t wait to make my famous apple pie! 

SAM_2663Lyvie will be my baking buddy this fall! She adds so much sweetness to our kitchen! I’m so blessed! 

So how do we figure the math out anyways. When I read $25 for 1/2 bushel, I gasped at first, but then after my son, Aaron, did the math for me, I felt much better! 

1 Bushel of according to US Agriculture Publications is 48lbs, which is 126 medium apples
1 Peck of apples is 10-12 pounds
3 Pounds of apples is 8-9 apples which is the usual amount for a 9-in pie
It generally takes 14-16 pounds of apples to make 1 gallon of Apple Cider. Wow! One bushel may yield 3 gallons of cider.

So,  1/2 bushel for $25 is a little over $1 lb.  I do really well at arranging my apples in our bags, so I’m betting I got mine under $1 lb!!!!!! I’m eating one of our Macs now and it’s so crispy and juicy. Perfect late night snack! 

Prices from some apple orchards:

Apple Hill Farm: $24.99 for 1/2 Bushel
Macks Apples: $20.00 for 1/2 Bushel
Sunnycrest Farms: $20.00 for 1/2 Bushel
Carter Hill Orchard: $0.90 a pound
Hackleboro Farm: $18.00 1/2 Bushel
Gould Hill Farm: $20.00 1/2 Bushel
Brookdale Fruit Farm: $20.00 1/2 Bushel or $1 a pound
Currier Orchard: $1 a pound
Peak Orchards:$1.10 a pound

So, I did call some other orchards as well and the going price seems to be $20.00 for 1/2 bushel. Can you believe I went to the highest orchard in NH, it seems. Well, I will say that the orchard was right next to where we went for my husband’s company party. So if I factor in the gas I’d have to use to get to another orchard driving my Suburban, I ended up saving money! Thanks goodness! It was a nice place and they were baking right on site and you could smell the apples and cinnamon as you stepped out of your car! Love the apple season!



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