First Time Buyers Program and more…..

Are you a first time buyer or have a son or daughter ready to buy for the first time? I’m really glad to see that Team Kia has a new first time buyer program. As a parent, this sounds wonderful to me. It’s giving the responsibility to my son when it’s time. I just called to see if it would still require a co-signer and nope, they don’t. They also have special programs for college students and a couple other programs to help. I really love that it wouldn’t effect parents, kids would need to be responsible themselves. That being said, I’ve also checked into their loans and payments and they really check and make sure it works for your finances and help to get you at the price point you need to be at!


So, if you’ve been entertaining the thought of  purchasing a vehicle, drive your way to Concord and check out Team Kia. It may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Have you heard about Team Kia’s Buyback Program? For a limited time you can get up to 20% cash above book value for your trade! Submit your car info HERE to get your value amount! Isn’t that a great opportunity in our economy today!

Team Kia June Ad


If you’re worried about your credit, no need to! Most of us have had some hiccups over the past years. Their program requires proof of a job and proof or residency. Read more about it HERE.  

I hope this information can help you out. We’ve had a handful of readers who over the past year have had a great experience with Team Kia. 


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