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FREE Glasses! Many name brand frames available! FREE contacts too!

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I have glasses but I’m pretty hard on them. I don’t keep them in my case, sometimes they fall off my night stand, etc. I’m due for a new pair in 6 months, but I’d love to have a “nice” pair of glasses then another pair for when I’m just around the house. With this offer, you’ll get them for free, just pay shipping which is about $13.00. I’m going to check it our for myself, for sure. This is also good if you have kids. The first month Olyvia had glasses, she lost them at school. Of course she felt awful and I felt sick knowing how much a new pair would cost. After a couple weeks someone found them thankfully, but wouldn’t this extra pair come in handy for kids too!

I have heard from readers that customer service is OUTSTANDING. One reader switched her glasses 4 times, shipping was on the company and in the end she got the style she loved. Other readers were very happy with their first choice, but I just wanted to point out that if you’re not pleased with your choice when you get them, you can exchange them. 

Get your first pair of glasses FREE from Coastal Contacts (shipping averages about $13.00). Use code: FIRSTPAIRFREE (includes standard lenses) to get the deal. Try them on at home and if it the frames don’t fit, return shipping is free!


The free contact offer is back too! Choose from regular contacts, colored contacts or multifocal contacts! 

PharmDaily Air

I got brilliant blue contacts for my very brown eyes. They do look brilliant for sure. Everyone loves them. The photo and lighting didn’t pick up the color very good in this photo, but I do get compliments on my eyes often! 

PharmDaily Aqua

Multifocal contact:
PharmDaily Multivision



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