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Huge scholarship opportunity!

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Our family is just beginning with the dabbling into the scholarships with our son. One thing I’m learning is that there are A LOT of scholarships out there to take advantage of and we’re going to be signing up for many, many, many of them! Here are a couple going on now. These particular scholarships will be giving their money out soon. Free money folks for school! Take advantage of it!

Description: Designed for people just like you. Faced with the rising costs of education and a highly competitive job market, it’s easy to get off track. Scholarship Zone provides $10,000 scholarships as well as degree and program information to help you achieve your goals. Everything you need to get started is right here. 

Just what you need to go back to school:

Build your profile.
This simple form is all you need to be registered for our $10,000 scholarship. Don’t wait to register – the next scholarship will be awarded on Oct 15th, 2013! You’ll also be providing us with key information to help match you with colleges.

Discover your program.
Browse colleges that match your profile. We keep it simple: you have the option to choose which colleges to compare. Request information only from the schools that interest you.

Click HERE to read more! 

We also have the scholarship for mom! This scholarship is good for schooling, can help with your babysitting costs while going to school and more!!! Sign up HERE if you haven’t already! 


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