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Pay it forward with: Fill A Plate Of Hunger! ~ and sign up for some amazing giveaways when you do!!!!!!!!!!

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fill a plate photoBring your food or money donations to any of NH’s food pantries and mention Fill A Plate Of Hunger” so they can keep track of how much is donated during this campaign. Then, enter for your chance to win some amazing giveaways donated by Longhorn Steakhouse, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Fisher Cats, Monarchs, Cowabunga’s and Papa Gino’s! Submit a donation photo and you could win pizzas from Papa Gino’s! 

It’s time to Fill A Plate Of Hunger in NH! 

One thing Amy Coveno said on a recent WMUR segment  that really stuck with me was, “Hunger has a face. Hunger has a name.” That face, that name could be you, it could be your neighbor, could be a family member, it could be the little girl sitting next to your son in kindergarten class. 

So, our family is heading out into the neighborhoods to help NH Food Bank.  We’re heading down the streets and may be knocking at you door asking for some food donations to fill our cart. Thank you so much Hannaford on Hanover St. in Manchester for letting us borrow a shopping cart and a few shopping baskets during our campaign time. 

Did you know that $1.00 provides 2 meals from NH Food Bank! How many people can you help feed with the change under your seat in your car or at the bottom of your purse? Maybe you’re able to write a check to NH Food Bank, that’s certainly a start to fill the empty shelves at many food pantries!  Many grocery stores have closed over the last couple of months. They were huge donors to the NH Food Bank. Let’s not forget with these stores closing, it also left many more people needing assistance now.  

You ready to get your walking shoes on? I hope so! Let’s make a difference! Get your Boy Scout troop together, get your basketball team out there, how about you rugged football players, or cheer team and youth groups, how about families? Let’s get the word out. Let’s fill those shelves. Let’s Fill A Plate Of Hunger!!! 

Anyone who participates and/or donates I have some wonderful giveaways for you to enter! Look who’s donating gift certificates to our Fill A Plate of Hunger Campaign helpers: 

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse in Newington


Fisher Cats


Longhorn Steakhouse 

Papa Gino’s Pizzeria in Hooksett

Thank you all, so much! 

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post of how you helped to pay it forward. Did you donate, did you go out into your neighborhood, did you go to some businesses and get some checks for NH Food Bank? Let us know and you could win one of these prizes at the end of the campaign.  

This campaign officially begins October 15 and ends December 12, 2014! (time extended)


Send us a photo of your donations or a photo of your group to extremecouponprofessors@gmail.com so we can show you off and get others excited too! If it’s a group photo, tell us where your from and what group you’re with.  One photo will be chosen to win pizzas from Papa Ginos! 


 Head into Hannaford this holiday season to get their everyday WOW prices. Follow our matchups HERE to help you save even more with coupons!  

fill a plate of hunger


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