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Brookstone: $25 for a $50 Gift Voucher!

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Living Social

Wow! You don’t see this deal come around everyday! Gotta love these daily deals sites. I got a voucher in the morning to surprise my husband who loves this store and found out that her had purchased one while he was at work cause he had received the deal in his email alerts too! I’m really excited because I called the Brookstone Outlet in Kittery Maine to see if we could use it there and they said we could! The Kittery Outlet is amazing. Most of the same products as you’ll find in the store but the box may have a hole in it, the packaging could have changed or there are instructions missing. And because of these little flaws, you’ll find a lot of products 50% less!

So, let’s get this deal…

First, click the banner above to sign up with Living Social.

Then, come back and click the following link to get you straight to the deal! https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/914421-50-to-spend-at-brookstone?ref=share-post_purchase-copy_box-web-deals&rui=32680347&rpi=139119951

My friend Greta already used hers and got the really cool sand kit with money left for another item!!! 

brookstone sand



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