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Old Time Candy/ Review and Giveaway

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old time candyRemember Wax Lips? How about the Candy Cigarettes? I loved the Bottle Caps,  Candy Buttons and the Candy Bracelets we ate off our wrists! Oh, the Good Ole” Days!!!! Guess what, I found the coolest, sweetest site that everyone will love. It brings us back in time and your kids will get a kick out of it too. It’s called OldTimeCandy.com. You choose the decade you want to travel back in time to, and they’ll send you a 4lb box of mixed candy. Intested in what the 1920’s candy was? Choose the box and taste for yourself. No matter what decade box you choose, you’ll be saying over and over again, “Oh, remember these, oh, my gosh, remember these.” My husband and I broke open the box first so we could reminisce over our childhood days before the kids got their hands on “our candy”, LOL

SAM_2911 I just know when you give this as a gift, your recipient is going to smile. Who wouldn’t want a candy store delivered to their door. When you head to their Facebook page, you’ll read about what many happy customers had to say. Not only that, but when you “like” them you’ll receive a coupon off your order!  Of course you can follow them on Twitter too. 

We are wrapping a box up for under the Christmas tree. It will be fun to open with all the family here, my dad will really get a kick out of this. If you have kids in college, can you imagine how thrilled they’ll be to receive this as a care package!!!! 

Though I personally love the decade boxes, you can choose from individual candy items as well and create your own gift box. Either way, you’re going to love this site.  They also have retro toys and party favors as well to peek at. Who didn’t love the Rubik’s Cube? 

 I’m thrilled that OldTimeCandy not only offered us a box to review, but also offered us a giveaway for our readers! You’ll be able to choose your favorite decade and they will send it directly to you to enjoy! 

Here’s your entry…Good luck everyone! 

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  1. Hollie Lorange says

    Swedish fish would buy those buy the bag at the penny candy counter at the local drugstore now i just aged myself lol.

  2. Shannon Goldschmidt says

    I forget what they were called but they were little wax bottles and you bite the top off and it was filled with juice you drink. I also loved bottle caps and candy cigarettes.

  3. Barbara says

    Love all the Old Fashioned Candy. Reminds me of a store in the northern part of the state of NH where I used to go as a kid. They had long licorice ropes,candy cigarettes, candy bracelets, etc.

  4. Roxie Tiek says

    I love the old fashioned candy better than what is on the market today. It reminds me of a lot of childhood memories…

  5. Karen says

    loved boston baked beans, candy cigarettes. old-fashioned penny candy was so much better than what’s out there now!

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