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What I think of Team Kia in Concord and a $25 Gift Card Offer!

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kia sorentoNow through December 28th, you can head in to talk with them about your car needs and when you do, you’ll receive a $25 gift card. To get your code for this gift card promo, simply click on a car on their site and the box will pop up for you to fill out. No purchase necessary, just go check them out. They have many cars and car sizes to choose from for every budget. They also can help you out if you don’t have the perfect credit score and also they have that super first time car buyer program that I speak off often! 

team kia gift card

Here’s a story of an almost tragedy that recently happened to me…..Driving 65 miles an hour, 5 minutes later, my brake lines snap on my Suburban. Here’s my day of saving grace, both God and Team Kia had an impact on our family! ……It’s pretty scary when there’s no sign that your brake lines are just going to give out on you! I was heading to the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping, driving on the highway at 65 miles an hour. I got off the ramp, drove the mile into the mall, got into my parking space and then, no brakes! NO brakes, the brake lines snapped. I somehow just stopped. It actually has taken me a couple days to write this because I’ve been trying to avoid thinking of what could have happened! When I start to think of it, my eyes water and I instead start thinking of something else. Jesus had his angels around my car, for sure!!!! Certainly, the story could have ended much differently. 

Though this is a sponsored post, where we may receive money or gift cards, these are my own true experiences. The companies on my blog are hand picked by me because they are companies that our family uses, they are family friendly, we trust and believe in their name and service! They have the ECP family stamp of approval! 

After I sat there for awhile and stopped shaking, I then started thinking of the pain in the neck stuff of being short a car. Three of the kids had science fairs that night, Brock had a game out of town and Camden had a practice out of town. The weekend was filled with games in different directions and we were only going to have one car.  When I got past those thoughts then it was oh, great, how much is this going to cost and why did this have to happen at Christmas time. 

We were going to tow the Suburban in town to our mechanic but my husband thought it best to head to Team Kia in Concord. We’d have a better chance of getting it repaired faster with all their mechanics and if it wasn’t ready, maybe we could get a loaner car. My husband is so smart, we really do make a good team. 

Team Kia was very understanding of our circumstances. First and foremost, they were genuinely caring about my safety and also amazed of how it all played out. They knew how important it was to me to get my kids to all their events. It was late in the day when I got my vehicle there and after checking things out they weren’t sure they would have everything fixed in my time frame. Surprisingly, they came out with paperwork for a loaner vehicle for our family. Guess what, they actually have a car that will fit us all. They pulled up a 2014 Kia black Sorento! Once I saw that, I told them they don’t need to rush in fixing the Suburban, LOL! 

We got a little overview of the car cause there are so many gadgets to it, but also, it doesn’t have a key. I got in the Sorento and was like ahhhh, how do you start it. With a push of a start button, we were driving off the lot. 

So we’ve had the car for the weekend and both my husband and I are quite impressed. Now, I’m used to the Suburban, huge and spacious for seating! I was surprised that we didn’t feel squished in the Sorento. It seats 7. The kids who were in the middle row said they felt quite comfortable and not squished as I would have thought they would have been. 

Saturday night my hubby and went out to visit with some friends. We ended up driving home in the snow storm. I never feel comfortable riding in anything other than my Suburban when there’s a storm. The Kia Sorento has all wheel drive and my husband was extremely impressed how the car handled in the snow! We live out in the country, almost an hour away from our friends, I was worried about driving home. There were skid marks on several of the roads we were on, but our car drove just as it were suppose to and we arrived safely home. 

Though there are many fun gadgets and some super features in the Kia Sorento, safety is always first in our book. So grateful to the Lord for keeping me safe the day my brake lines broke in my Suburban. I’m also grateful that Team Kia in Concord was gracious enough to see our family needs and provide us a vehicle that our family would be safe and comfortable in. 



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