Free movie streaming + 4 free videos at the Redbox kiosk!

I signed up for the free 30 day offer from Redbox. Christmas vacation is coming and I’m looking forward to a couple good movie nights. With 7+ to have to pay for to go to the movies, I’m not liking the sound of how much that would cost. I’d rather get some treats at the dollar store and get some yummy snacks and watch the movies at home. We make our home movie nights pretty special and fun and getting Redbox for Christmas will add to that fun! What I’m going to do for this is make movie passes and put them in their stockings with glow necklaces, movie candy and a can of soda. It’s a movie night bundle of fun! 

This is a 30 day trial and you can cancel anytime, so you may want to try it out too. We have Netflix already, but I’ve heard that a lot of people prefer Redbox, so we shall see with my trial offer. Click HERE to check it out for yourself. 


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