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ABCmouse Review and Giveaway

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Extreme Coupon Professors and ABCmouse have teamed up to offer this fabulous giveaway!  Disclosure: Extreme Coupon Professors received a subscription in trade for this post and we’re also able to offer you a giveaway. As always, all opinions are our own. ECP aims to bring our readers fun, great, mom approved products! 

images ABCmouse.com has given me the chance to try out their Early Learning Academy website.  I’m thrilled to have had the chance to use this!  The only question I have, is Why haven’t I used this before!?  My daughter has a very small attention span, as many three year old’s do.  Many games and puzzles capture her attention, but only for a short time.  With ABCmouse.com, she can sit here and learn for hours!  It is a wonderful way for her to learn things from counting, learning her ABC’s, all the way to having the responsibility for caring for her pets (which she got to choose and name!). 

           When you first create your account, you can choose what you want your avatar to look like.  My daughter chose outfits and facial features that resembled hers.  Then.. her favorite part.. the pets!  She was so excited to pick the animals she wanted in her aquarium, the color of her kitty, hamster and duck.  The fact she could name them all was absolutely fabulous.  Children can learn to care for their pets by feeding them, bathing them, giving them water, teaching lessons (while learning some things herself too!), the ability to choose what decorations she wanted to add to her fish tank, and many many other choices.  When teaching lessons to your pets, they level up and you get to “teach” them new and more involving lesson. 


   I was overwhelmed at first by all the activities and lessons that are available… Lily and I were so excited to play, she was so indecisive about what to do first.  Thankfully, there is a step by step guide on how to navigate your way around easily.  There are tons of puzzles and games that have levels from Easy to Hardest, and plenty of options on what you want to learn.  Another great feature was the sing-a-long songs.  It has a little bouncy ball that helps show the children when to sing the next word.  They have all the great songs we know and love, plus some we just learned!  Another great feature is every time a lesson or game was finished, you get various numbers of tickets.. the tickets add up, in which you can spend in the store to buy new pets and decorations.  This gave Lily something to look forward to and made her excited to finish more lessons.  Once she got the hang of navigating around the site, it was nearly impossible to get her away from the computer!


 There’s also a parent’s dashboard, and a student’s dashboard in which you can see the progress made, games, books, puzzles and songs that have been done, the levels that the child is on, and the amount of tickets earned that session.  Additionally, you can have up to three children per account, and you can use them all at the same time, as long as you’re on different computers.  Ipads and Iphones have an ABCmouse.com app that you can use to track the progress as well.  I have an Android, so I’m unsure about the Iphones, but I know as long as your phone/tablet supports adobe flash, you can use the full site and apps. This makes it perfect if you’re on the go and have a very active child, like Lily,  who can’t sit still for long times in the store or car.

             According to ABCmouse.com, there are more than 250 online children’s books, more than 100 online children’s songs, more than 650 online children’s art activities, including online coloring and online paint-by-numbers activities. More than 250 online educational games for children, including online phonics games, online number games and other online math games and more than 550 online children’s puzzles. With more than 5,000 individual learning activities and more than 450 lesson plans,  I’m not sure about you, but I know this is more than enough to last for the year-long subscription that I have received!

        The site also says:

                      “ABCmouse.com’s comprehensive curriculum includes these preschool, pre-k and kindergarten subjects:”


  • Reading(the alphabet, phonics, sight words, children’s books)
  • Math (numbers, shapes, patterns, measurement)
  • The World Around Us (basic science and social studies)
  • Art and Music (drawing and coloring, tracing, paint-by-numbers, children’s songs, and more)


            I absolutely LOVE this site, and I’d highly recommend it to every parent I know.  I can’t wait to hop back on the site and see all the other features it has to offer that we haven’t even gotten to yet! Usually children’s shows and websites don’t interest me, and I find them annoying at times, but I know with ABCmouse it keeps you on your toes and always has something new, and daily featured activities.  I’ve even learned a few things myself!!!  (Did you know Anteaters can grow up to 6 feet long?  Or that Panda Bears only weight as much as a man? How about that male Giraffes are called Bulls, while females are called Cows?)  I wouldn’t waste any time if I were you, and I’d enter this giveaway right away!!!  Also, be sure to visit the ABCmouse.com site for more information!  ARP: $79 a year or $7.95 a month




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