FREE LAUNDRY SOAP & Myrtle Beach Vacation Giveaway from Purex!


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This week there’s a Rite Aid deal for a Buy 1 Get 2 Free sale going on!!!! It’s time to stock up on laundry soap! Click the link I have for you and print the coupons to go along with the sale. You can use 1 coupon on each of the products even though you’re getting 2 products free. 

I’ve been buying Purex Laundry Soap for about 8 years now. It cleans our clothes great and I love the scents. Purex sent us Purex Crystals to try out and also Purex No Sort laundry soap. I love the crystals for added fresh scent to our clothes. Purex No Sort Laundry Soap is a dream come true!!!!! I’ll certainly be happy not to sort laundry soap, no problem! How about you? 

Our kids are hard on their clothes with all the sports they’re in, all the sliding they do in their sports. They certainly don’t think of keeping their clothes clean, that’s for sure. So, I’m glad I can spray my stain remover and toss the clothes in the laundry and trust Purex to do the rest!  

I love working with Purex, bringing you new products they have coming out, vacation family giveaways and some free coupons for free products for you too! Enter for your chance to win a coupon for Purex No Sort and Purex Crystals. You’ll be able to get free products to try for yourself. We’ll be drawing the winner Thursday night. Good luck!!!! 

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 Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win the Family Myrtle Beach & $1000 Giveaway we have going on too with Purex! 



  1. Atleast 2 a day if not more.

  2. We are a family of six I usually do 4 loads a day sometimes more

  3. shelley peoples says:

    Love Purex laundry detergent! I have tried every detergent in the stores but nothing compares to Purex!
    I do about 3 loads of laundry a day. With 3 kids, I have no choice! :-)

  4. I do at least 4 loads a day with a toddler and two teen girls and a husband… we go through a lot of laundry soap… Thank you for the chance to win

  5. Sheri Street says:

    At least 2 loads

  6. Ido two loads a day.

  7. I do as least 1 load a day

  8. Rhonda G says:

    I do at least 2 loads of laundry per day, sometimes more.

  9. I love laundry detergent that works the first time; as I too do way too many loads of laundry to count a week!

  10. Sometimes 3-4 times daily!

  11. Lena knew says:

    I do at least 1 load of laundry a day. I love Purex and it’s the only detergent my family uses.

  12. Since our three older boys moved out and only one boy left at home we are now down to 1 load a day.

  13. natalie yeoman says:

    i do one load a day

  14. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I don’t do laundry on a daily basis, I tend to do 3 or 4 loads all in one day….once a week. :) Just works best for me that way!

  15. melissa l says:

    5-6, we have 9 people in out house :)

  16. Deb Charte says:

    Atleast 2-3 per day as I have my grandson and my daughter living at home with us.

  17. Karin A. says:

    0—- we usually do 4-6 a week.

  18. I usually do about 4 a week, so in a day “0”.

  19. We do about 5 loads per week.

  20. Christine says:

    We do about 5-6 loads per week.

  21. Love B1g2 Purex deal

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