Coupon Class & DVD Info

New Class Presentations-Great for New England libraries and other group organizations:
Having the opportunities over the years to teach many families ways to save money has been a blessing to me as well as to them. I still receive wonderful emails of stories sharing how classes have made a difference in their daily lives; making more fulfilling opportunities and less stress that they have to carry.
As time changes, so do rules and opportunities to grab deals in our shopping world. That being said, I’ve put together a new presentation that includes ways to save money without using coupons. With the coupon craze, everyone wanted to know every detail there was, and I still have classes and a DVD for that, but, let’s face it-we’re busy. A lot of families want the quick version of give me the facts, where do I need to shop and make sure I’m saving money!
My new presentation is about 60 minutes plus question and discussion time. Just like the other presentations, I’m going to flood you with information and some new great resources.

If you’re a library or other group organization and would like to book a class, please email me at or call at 603-232-9242

The cost for the class is $150 + Mileage.  For further out, there may be a small upcharge depending on location.

Coupon class Video
Some people have paid off debt with the money they saved, some families have found their way to Disney by putting the money away that they saved. 
Whether you have 2 retired people in your household or a family of 7 like me, couponing is for you! It’s for anyone who understands the value of a dollar.

-I’ll cover where to get your coupons.
-How to use coupons at the grocery stores and drugstores.
-How to stock up without hoarding.
-I”ll show you how a coupon that says Buy 3, get $1 off can really very valuable.
-I’ll show you where to shop and get a lot of savings and not have to use coupons
-I’ll share a couple personal stories. 


Home class:

This would be one of 3 classes I would present to you in your home via Power Point. The classes are two hours long and I will go over extensively how to use coupons for grocery shopping and drugstore shopping. Where to get your coupons, how to read the coupons,what are the coupon policies for the stores and so much more. A home class would consist of 10 or more prepaid guests and each guest will receive a newspaper with coupons and handouts. The cost of each person is $20. The hostess will receive FREE tuition if she has at least 10 prepaid guests (depending on location) and also receives an Extreme Coupon Professors gift bag for hostessing a class.

To set up your home class please email me at or call me at 603-232-9242


If we live too far from each other or you can’t get enough people for your class, order our Couponing Up Close DVD. I’ve combined information from all our classes to bring you this extremely informative DVD. And, guess what, it’s only $20! 



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