Holiday Guide 2012



I love love love my new Jabra Freeway Speaker! I honestly never thought I could just pick up something like this and figure it out easy! I was literally all set up with my phone in a minute! Me, the one who is the most “un-tech” person ever! Paul and I both have a hands free set now. We are always in the car, on the phone with work, and now we don’t mind! The Jabra speaker turns on automatically when your phone is near it and shuts off automatically when you leave the car. There’s a free voice assist that comes with your package that you can sign up for.  It  allows you to text by voice, twitter, receive emails and more. All voice activated. If you’re a business person this is for you for sure, if you’re a mom, you’ll love it for the car and in your house! I paired it with my home phones too! Hands free makes things so easy. Take a moment and watch the video below.  There are so many features to this little device. Anyone would love this for Christmas and Amazon has the best price for it: Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth Speakerphone (Black, Retail Packaging)


Treat your dad, mom, husband or wife to get their car ready for winter. My friend’s husband LOVES this kind of present for his birthday  right before winter. His car is his baby!!! Kia Motors in Concord has many fantastic services. My husband got his car detailed here. They were so detailed, our car looked like it just came off the lot! They did an amazing job. Keep Team Kia Motors in Concord in mind for that different kind of gift or for that hard to buy for person! It will be perfect! 


Order your Cakes and Pies for the one and only, Red Arrow Diner! 

Order Your Holiday Pies From Red Arrow Diner!!!! 

You haven’t had a pie until you’ve had a Red Arrow Diner Pie! 

We know their food is extremely good and their portions are extremely generous. Now, imagine their pies…EXTREMELY AMAZING!!!! Their pies are so impressive, you almost don’t want to cut into it, but of course we always do!!!! 

There are many pies and cakes to choose from,  click HERE to order yours online!  

Oh, and watch for an upcoming giveaway this holiday season!!!! 


Yay! Water Country has a season pass deal! For the first time ever, when you buy a season pass, you’ll receive one buddy day pass that can be used any day during the summer! It used to be for only a few certain weeks. This is much better! 

A Water Country Pass will also get you exclusive coupons to the Meat House, Seacoast Segway Tours and more! Read more and buy your passes HERE today. This is a limited time offer, don’t miss out!


Choose a gift certificate for a Christmas Gift from Vertical Dreams. Indoor rock climbing is a fast growing sport which not only is fun and challenging but also trains in skill and is a great form of exercise.  Their rates are so reasonable; day passes range from $10-$12.00. They have beginner packages, 10 pass packages, monthly packages and more. Even with these great rates, they still offer some special discount evenings. Vertical Dreams is an affordable place to go and have fun. With Christmas and Christmas break coming up, this is a win win gift! Get it for the kids for a present and you’ll have a paid day out over vacation! Always thinking!  I’m getting a few passes for my kiddos, but remember Vertical Dreams is for all ages. Want to get a couple for your son/daughter and their friend while they’re home from college?  How about giving it to your boyfriend for Christmas and make it a date?  Click HERE to order your gift certificates online today. That’s another check mark on my Christmas list, how about yours?


Stop and get your gift certificates from The Coach Stop Restaurant and Tavern. Now through Christmas Eve, get a BONUS gift card too! 

I’m excited to be heading to the Coach Stop Restaurant for dinner next week with my hubby! Just look at this photo, doesn’t it look so inviting, cozy and romantic? Located in Londonderry, it’s a little bit of a drive for us, but the menu and ambiance is totally worth the extra time. Mmmm, from scallops wrapped in bacon to their prime rib, their menu is tempting to anyone. And now they offer seven draft lines of beer. My husband will like that. 

The Coach Stop Restaurant offers different specials during the week; Thursday is half off Margaritas in their new tavern. This past Friday and Saturday they had half off drinks and appetizers. Their Facebook page  says to check back  for their Happy Hour Specials and  Tavern Specials everyday of the week. 

Though, I’m happy for my date night, let’s not forget that a restaurant like this will make a wonderful place to hold a family or work function.  Their function menus offer choices in both food and price packages. 

If you’re like me and typically give a restaurant gift card as a gift, buy one this year from the Coach Stop Restaurant and Tavern. They’re offering a nice bonus now through Christmas Eve. When you purchase your gift certificate, you’ll receive a bonus gift card in the amount of 20% of what your purchased. You can order online and have both cards delivered to you. Or, if you prefer one mailed out to the gift recipient and the bonus mailed to another address, you could do that as well.   Read my review HERE !



We’re very happy to be up in the mountains staying at Attitash! We came here for a night away in the summer and we had such a great time, we  came again for a Thanksgiving getaway! I’d recommend it highly for individuals, couples, families or groups! I’ve had a few families ask me of a good family place  to stay over Christmas vacation. Attitash is a step out and ski lodge, the only one around here!

Attitash Mountain Resort is located in Bartlett, NH, in the heart of the White Mountains.

Their annual snowfall is 155″ and the ski season runs generally from early December to mid-April. Attitash has 67 trails with 310 skiable acres across two peaks, Attitash and Bear Peak. They operate 11 lifts; 3 quads, 3 triples, 3 doubles and 2 surface lifts. A skier’s paradise!

Attitash Hotel also has an outdoor oversize heated pool which we enjoyed over the last couple of days. I did wish that we had a little sprinkle of snow for the kids to experience swimming outdoors when it was snowing, looks like we may have to come back again when it’s a winter wonderland.

Attitash has a great location. We were chatting with one family today who went on a hike  and found a few waterfalls still flowing. We’re also not far from North Conway where we’re headed tonight for some Black Friday shopping. The rooms here are so spacious. The beds are very comfortable and the comforters and pillows are my favorite plushy ones. Our family  has the adjoining rooms with a kitchen and dining room table. There are many room sizes and for every budget.

A ski lodge can’t be a ski lodge without a roaring fire going! As you enter the lodge you’ll see the welcoming double-sided fireplace with leather couches and tables to sit and relax. Upstairs where we are, there’s another sitting area with another fireplace. The kids and I sat there for hours today playing card games and eating munchies.

Speaking of games, there’s a game room too, with arcades and air hockey. The kids came prepared with their allowance money and have been budgeting their money daily.

Attitash is so comfortable, I’d have to say it’s a home away from home. We’re comfortable enough to hang out in our jammies by the fireplace playing games and it’s classy enough to sneak away to the dining room or bar area and enjoy a little appetizer and drink with your significant other. And of course, it’s a great place to be for the weekend or week skiing! To read more and plan your trip for a weekend away, Christmas or winter break, CLICK HERE!!! 


As you know we were away over Thanksgiving up in the mountains. We stayed at Attitash Resort and had a wonderful weekend  which you can read about and maybe book a stay for your family too. I had decided last year that I wanted to cut our own Christmas tree down. I hadn’t done that since I was a little kid and I was so excited this year to do it with the family. Years ago, our family sold Christmas trees and when my husband was looking for a place to get them, he stopped over at The Rocks Estate Tree Farm. That was over 10 years ago and even then, he said he never saw that many nice trees in one place. So that’s where we were going before we headed home; The Rock’s Estate Tree Farm.

And what a beautiful place it was! We were there with only a little snow flurry, but you couldn’t help wanting it to be that Christmas Tree Winter Wonderland !

We had reservations for a wagon ride when we arrived, which took us down several trails on the farm. I was glad they had the red wool blankets to cover up with. Our driver shared some of the history of the farm too.

After our ride were greeted by the Christmas Tree Spirit who gave all the children a small Balsam Firm seedling plug, ready to plant. In about 10 years, we’ll have 4 Christmas trees on our yard.

The sun had been going in and out and the wind picked up a bit so we went over the the great fire pit to warm up. There were marshmallows there for roasting or you could make smores if you wanted.

Everywhere you looked was another great spot for a photo moment with mountains in the background. Gorgeous! Oh, goodness, look at  my babies all grown up. I’m so glad they still love doing my family fun things!

We’ve already been having fun, but now comes the really really fun part! We get to pick out our tree. At first I wanted that perfectly perfect not tree shape that you see in Macy’s. They had a ton of perfectly shaped trees, that anyone would love. But then, I saw a fat tree, and it made me laugh. I knew I wanted a really, really, really fat tree!!! The fatter the better and I wanted it at least 8 feet tall. We looked and looked. Brock found “his” tree right away. I said with all these hundreds of trees, there’s no way you can pick one out that fast. We had fun, strolling and roaming, taking photos, being together.

Aaron used the measuring stick so I could approve of the height.

We all took turns saying, “OH, this it the perfect one!” Then, it was unanimous. We found our tree. Aaron, my little lumber jack, cut it down and then it got hauled out to the travel prep station.

Our tree was so fat, they had to take the inner drum out to get it through the machine. What an organized process they have here. Cars were coming in and out in such an orderly fashion.

When we were done, we strolled into the gift shop and wreath shop. We brought a decorated wreath home as well and bought some pretty Christmas tree chocolate lollipops. They had food and hot chocolate you could buy as well.

Then we went to the Kettle Corn Shop and watched them make the sweet corn and they also had some Maple Kettle Corn. Oh, we couldn’t decide so we bought one of each!  It is Christmas time after all!

Keep a look out on NH Chronicle on WMUR, I heard they were up there and will also be covering the history and the take you through the farm too. The Rock’s is located in Bethlehem NH, what an appropriate location, if I do say so myself.

That was it, one of the guys put the tree on the roof of the Suburban and we headed home after a great three hour time at The Rock’s Estate Tree Farm .  I have no doubt in my mind that we will be going back next year.

We got home and the boys unloaded the tree. It took no time for the branches to fall seeing it had been freshly cut and not bound in twine for a week. We ran out to get more tree lights then decorated the tree and sipped our eggnog and kept laughing at our very, very, very,fat perfect Christmas tree!

Here are some other photos off of The Rock’s Facebook page. For more information about location and all the happenings and of course to make reservations for the wagon rides, Click HERE  for their web page or HERE for their Facebook page! Have a ball!

Magical and picturesque!


California Wine Club: Click HERE for many package choices. California Wine Club also make a wonderful hostess gift for the holidays!